Carving Leather: All of our leather that is used for carving is sourced from the Hermann Oak Tannery. It features the old style "vegetable tannage," so named to denote its organic (plant based) origins. The organic nature of vegetable tanned leather means that it is the most biodegradable of all leathers. We love HO leather for its ability to create bold designs and fine detail in our work. 

English Bridle: We sourced our Bridle from the Chahin Tannery. It is fully finished with a waxy feel and a beautiful sheen. After the vegetable tanning process, the leather is hot stuffed with oils and tallows that penetrate through the hides, giving the leather a smooth, rich cut. The bridle leather is weather-resistant due to these oils and waxes. After the tanning process is complete, the leather is drum dyed for uniform colouring. English Bridle is what we use for wallet interiors, lining leather, and a lot of our uncarved items (belts, keyfobs, wallets, etc.)  

Luxury Leathers: From time to time, depending on a projects budget we may source a higher end leather such a kangaroo (Packer Direct Tannery - Australia), horse (Horween Tannery - USA) or goat (Alran Tannery - France) to achieve the look we are going for in a project.

We make a point to ethically source our leather from some the top tanneries in the world, as we believe the best materials are the start to the most unique products.