Best Measuring Technique: 

Step 1: Take a soft measuring tape and run it through the loops on your jeans, and pull it as tight as you would like your belt. 

Step 2: Note this measurement in inches, and the measurement will be the size you select on the website for your belts size. 

Step 3: We will make the belt so that your measurement number will be the centre hole, with 2 inches of adjustment on either side.

Measuring From Your Current Belt: 

Step 1: Note the hole you are currently using on your leather belt.

Step 2: Lay your belt flat on a table and measure from the bend in the leather at the base of the buckle, back to the hole you are currently using in inches. 

Step 3: Submit your measurements, and reward yourself with a cold beer. 


Not able to measure? No problem.
Most belts are approximately 2” bigger than the pant size you wear. If you wear a size 32 pant, you will likely be a 34” belt. While this method of measurement isn’t nearly as accurate as the above 2 methods, it should get you pretty close to where you need to be. 

** If you do not own a leather belt, or need further instruction, please contact us, as all belt sales are final **