I grew up in London, Ontario, Canada and for the last decade I have been taking creative approach to almost every aspect of my life. Working with leather is something that has really struck a chord with me from the minute that I picked up this self taught craft. There was something so satisfying about making something with my hands, that was by no means perfect at the time, but I had made it, and that has lead to this continued pursuit of the leather realm. 

My work is heavily influenced by traditional tattoo culture, dark art, punk rock and the years spent both participating and working in the extreme sports industry. 

I am constantly on a path of self improvement, and taking creative new spins on traditionally made items, while keeping functionality and quality top of mind. Every leather item is designed by me, with close input from my clients, which allows me to create items that are designed specifically to your taste and lifestyle.

My father worked under the principal that taking pride in your work is of the utmost importance. Whether it be laying bricks or making art; no details should ever be overlooked. These are also the views that I share and value in the work that I create today. 

I have done extensive research throughout the years to find what I believe to be the best leather suppliers, tool makers and have acquired the training that result the work that I am currently making. 

I look forward to working with you.

- Danial Orchard