Our Story, From Concept to Creation: Victorymade Goods

Our Story, From Concept to Creation: Victorymade Goods

At Victorymade Goods, each product is crafted with dedication, passion, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Discover the story behind the brand and meet the craftsman who brings these exceptional leather goods to life.


Meet the Craftsman

Danial Orchard is the talented Master Craftsman behind Victorymade Goods. Originally from London, Ontario, Danial now resides in Calgary, Alberta. With a background in multimedia design production, he brings a wealth of creativity and technical expertise to his craft. Beyond his passion for leatherworking, Danial enjoys photography, snowboarding, and the outdoors.

The name "Victorymade Goods" reflects the dedication and sacrifice behind each creation. Inspired by the quote, “There is no victory without sacrifice,” Danial chose this name to signify the hard work and perseverance that defines his brand. 


The Leather Working Journey

Danial's journey into leather working began with an unexpected spark of inspiration. He was captivated by a friend's hand-carved leather wallet, featuring a clipper ship. Danial’s interest, coupled with the influence of his grandfather, a master woodcarver, ignited his passion for the craft. Despite his initial lack of drawing skills, Danial was eager to learn. He immersed himself in leather working forums, bought a basic carving kit, and began experimenting.

The beginning was not without its challenges. Danial faced numerous obstacles, from making wallets too thick to belts too thin. Danial leveraged feedback from his friends and family for motivation. He turned his focus to creating functional items and refining his methods along the way. 


“I got into this not because I wanted to make money, but because I wanted to see what I can do." 


Today, with over 11 years of experience and a decade in business, Victorymade Goods stands as a testament to Danial’s persistence, learning, and dedication. “My goal is to create products that are cherished for a lifetime due to their craftsmanship and durability.”


Our Philosophy

Victorymade Goods is built on a foundation of quality and attention to detail. Danial's approach to leather crafting is deeply influenced by his father’s meticulous work ethic, his grandfather’s award-winning woodcarving, and his mother’s encouragement to pursue his creative side. Danial’s commitment to excellence ensures only the best work leaves his shop. As he puts it, "I'm doing this with my heart and soul. I try not to leave anything on the table."


Our Techniques

Blending traditional and modern techniques, Danial uses tools like Procreate for design work, Adobe Illustrator for precise scaling, and high-quality steel tools for clean cuts. “Quality tools reduce the need for frequent maintenance, allowing me to focus more on the actual work,” Danial states.

In addition, the unique technique of airbrushing adds depth and a personalized touch to Danial’s designs. Each leather piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Danial's passion for creating custom leather pieces shines through in his willingness to go the extra mile for his clients. No corners are cut. He takes pride in designing and crafting items tailored to each client’s unique preferences.

“Seeing a customer’s emotional reaction to a custom piece reaffirms I’m doing the right thing.”


Our Commitments

Sustainability is a core value at Victorymade Goods. Danial prioritizes using ethically sourced vegetable-tanned leather. His mindset ensures the products are both high in quality and environmentally responsible. Danial shares, "The vegetable-tanned leather that I use is made from bark, tannins, and alcohol, which is one of the greener choices for leather tanning."

At Victorymade Goods, we stand behind the durability of our products. Each of our items comes with a lifetime warranty, covering ripped stitches and other hardware issues. Durable til' death is more than our saying, it's the truth. 


Explore our collection of quality leather products and experience the difference bespoke craftsmanship makes.

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